The Professional Practice Model components of shared governance, relationships and patient- and family-centered care provide the structure and processes for SNHMC nurses to easily provide input and suggestions to nurse leaders on how to improve the work environment and patient care. Through effective decision-making, communication and collaboration, nurses directly and indirectly influence patient care and the work environment.

Nursing shared governance at SNHMC provides an opportunity for nurses to participate in decision making with regard to nursing practice. The shared governance structure provides a venue for direct care nurses to provide input, offer recommendations and stimulate discussion of patient care and work environment issues or improvements.

The Patient Care Operations Council serves as the steering committee to disseminate goals related to the strategic and quality plans to the other shared governance committees. Members include representatives from the Nurse Practice Council, Professional Development Council, Quality/Peer Review Council and Integrated Clinical Practice Committee.

Communication is multi-directional among councils and committees, providing updates and soliciting feedback from the nurse executive to unit based practice level.