At Southern New Hampshire Medical Center the nursing Professional Practice Model guides the nursing practice and supports the coordination of care delivered by the registered nurse. The Professional Practice Model of Care at SNHMC occurs within an innovative, interactive, and open environment that promotes comfort and healing.

Nurses at SNHMC designed their Professional Practice conceptual model using the Sea Star as a focal point. The Sea Star represents the decentralized nature of this organization. The sea star philosophy enables SNHMC individual nursing departments and staff members to remain flexible and ready to act quickly on behalf of the patients under their care. Nursing operates as a unit, philosophically and collaboratively, yet each “arm”/nurse is empowered to function independently of the whole.

The five arms of the Sea Star which represent the components of the Professional Practice Model include:

  • Core values
  • Relationships
  • Patient- and family-centered care delivery
  • Governance
  • Recognition